1. Supply a dummy copy or folded sample marked as 'sample' 

2. All stock above I 50gsm should be creased 

3. Multiple up leaflets must be printed sheet work to enable us to fold 2up with 5mm double cut 

4. Ensure the grain direction is suitable for the folding configuration 

5. Ask for imposition scheme if not sure especially on 32 page sections


Sections: 4pp, 8pp, 12pp, 16pp, 24pp, 32pp 
Parallel folds: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 


A2 to DL (Double Pass/Hand) 
A3 to DL 
8pp Glueing 
2up with slit 
A2 to A3 
A3 to A4 
Hand folding 

Minimum size: cross 100mm x 100mm parallel 50mm wide 

Minimum folded size: 50mm 

Maximum sheet size: 710mm x 1020mm 

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